No One Man Should Have All That Power


Ignorance is bliss, in the sense that if we simply do not understand the magnitude of hurt being had in the world, then we may remain complacent and at ease in our own immediate realities. Those of us who are aware of the plight of injustices happening and chose, instead of activism, to ignore them, are complicit in the hurt that’s caused. To know of inhumanity and hate, and refuse to address it because it is conveniently not aimed at you, your complexion, your ethnicity, your religion, your gender, your sexuality, is within itself despicable. It is to make a conscious choice to let evil persists. James Baldwin said: “To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.” That is because as black people in America, it is nearly impossible for us to un-know the hypocrisy of this cruel country.

Hero Worship

We’ve seen identity politics work out terribly in the most recent case of R. Kelly: So many young girls were hurt and sexually abused over the years, and our beloved black community was complicit. Complicit because we knew it was happening, saw all the signs, heard the testimonies, even heard it in the music, but as a community we continued to make excuses for the artist. We enjoyed his music more than we cared about those young girls’ well-being.

Drop the Mic

Lastly, I’d like to state and address a simple fact that women (even, and especially, in the black community) are not met with the same grace and support as men. Azealia Banks is arguably a musical genius, like Kanye West. Her lyrics go off and she raps fast on top of hards house beats. Just like him, she says some wild, obnoxious and problematic things outside of her music. Unlike Kanye, she is never offered a level of compassion, understanding or identity by black people. Why? Her talent is undeniable and literally inimitable; So why isn’t she presented with the defense of “artistic genius”? Why hasn’t Chrisette Michelle been redeemed since she committed a lesser cultural crime than Kanye West? She performed at Trump’s inauguration but hasn’t endorsed him, his policies or stated that “slavery was a choice”.

Just a thoughtful millennial trying to lend my pen to creating good in the world around us. I'm a Sociologist with interests in equity for queer POC and women.

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